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A History of Streetfighter EX Series

Streetfighter Ex Has raised Another bar in the streetfighter saga , The legend continues.

This version was released in 1996.

Streetfighter Ex had something that other streetfighter games don’t have. This game is 3D , which is something new for gamers to enjoy.

The gaming world was booming and having A 3D version was A good way of promoting streetfighter EX. It has some of the best graphics at the time and great gameplay.

This game was released on playstation in 1997 as playstation was in its prime days.

Overall: good gracphics,music and gameplay .

Streetfighter EX 2.

This was the 2nd in the Streetfighter EX series and was contiuation from the first one.

It was released in 1998 and was released on playstaion one of the gaming cosoles that was around at the time.


Overall: Good gameplay,graphics, and sound it was definitely moneys worth.


Streetfighter EX 3 :

Streetfighter EX 3 was the third and the final series of the EX version.

It had special movies and combo which was purchased.

All your favourite characters from previous game new music , graphic and play mode.

Overall :  Still A good game to play time after time.

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